Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Module 1

I am Dustin Ressler from Medicine Hat Alberta. This is my second year here at the University of Lethbridge. Previously I attended the Medicine Hat College for 2 years studying education. My major is nearly complete in mathematics and my minor is in social studies. Areas of personal interest to me with regards to school are specifically calculus, statistics, the history of politics and of course teaching. I am very excited about being in the faculty of education and cannot wait to get out for my PS1. My passion is teaching children and hopefully making a lifelong impression on their veiws of learning and school. In my spare time I love to watch and play sports. Football is near to my heart and I just cannot get enough.

My first impression of Blogging has been relatively positive up to this point. From what I have read, it seems like blogging could be a very useful way for teachers, students, and parents to communicate. Since most people have PC's and an Internet connection at home it would be a good idea for a teacher to be able to post homework and messages to students via a blog. The advantages are quite significant. By using blogs teachers can effectively communicate with everyone involved in the learning process and also get feedback from students or parents. The fact that a blog is a kind of public forum could be very helpful in the classroom. Students could help each other with problems and comments could help answer questions students have. A potential problem with blogging that I can foresee is the use of inappropriate messages and comments. It is quite conceivable for students to think that inappropriate messages would be humorous. I question the amount of policing that a teacher could do with a Blog created by them especially if a student uses an alias to post something that is offensive. Blogging does definitely have its place in the school setting though, and if used properly could definitely be a tool that could help the education process.


Blogger Dale said...

Hi Dustin:
A fine start to the semester. Your concern about inappropriate and unwanted messages is a very real concern.
Best wishes.

5:38 PM  

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