Saturday, October 01, 2005

Module 3

Title of Activity: Factoring Trinomials

Reference Section:

Freedman, E. (1997-2003). Math Power Elementary Algebra. Retrieved Oct. 1, 2005, from

Grade Level: 10

Subject: Mathematics (Pure)

Brief Description of the Activity:

Students will go the website, where they will explore numerous tutorials on the topic of factoring trinomial expressions. Students will work through the problems along with the tutorial on the web site. By exploring different tutorials the students will gain different perspectives on solving the same type of problem. By doing so, all students will find their own way of understanding how to solve the problem that works best for them. Students will spend the duration of the period working through tutorials on the website.

General Learner Outcome:
  • Generalize operations on polynomials to include rational expressions.

Specific Learner Outcome:
  • Factor polynomials expressions of the form ax^2 + bx + c, and a^2x^2 – b^2y^2. (where x^2 reads x squared and a^2x^2 reads a squared times x squared)

ICT Outcomes:
C.6.4.1. investigate and solve problems of prediction, calculation and inference

C.6.4.4. generate new understandings of problematic situations by using some form of technology to facilitate the process

C.7.4.2. analyze and synthesize information to determine patterns and links among ideas

Rationale for Computer Integration:

By using computers to explore tutorials on the topic of factoring trinomials students can gain different perspectives on solving the problem. This allows students to develop their own understanding and process to solve the problems. The numerous examples on the website will provide sufficient resources for students who do not gain understanding of the topic quickly. At home, students can easily access the website and practice their skills to gain a better understanding. Also, students can practice other math skills by using other tutorials on the website. The computer provides a vast number of examples and a unique way to learn for all students.


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